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"Why do I need a website?"

  • Great sales and marketing tool

  • Designed to meet your needs

  • Available 24/7

  • Cost efficient

  • Your potential customer will find you when searching the Internet.

  • Personal email addresses


Can you afford not to have one?

"What is a domain name?"

By choosing the domain name you tell everyone with access to the internet how to call you!


You can compare a domain name to a name that is listed in the phone book.


Find your domain name here!

"Can you get a domain name for me?"

We certainly can register a domain name for you!  If you let somebody get a domain name for you make sure that you are listed as the owner!  You do not want to give your name away!

Also, we can help you to register a domain name yourself.

"What means DNS?"

The DNS is mostly used to translate between domain names and IP addresses.

Compare it to a telephone system, that connects different people (domain names) by telephone numbers (IP addresses).

 "What is the host?"

To create a website is just one part.  You will need to save your website on a server that is accessible to everyone.  For safety, security and financial reasons it usually makes sense to pay someone for that service - the host!

We offer different hosting plans.

 "Can you host my website?"

We offer hosting service in conjunction with a leading provider!

 "Can I have my personal email?"

Yes, depending on the hosting plan you purchase you can have A LOT of personal email addresses.

The beauty is that they all end with your domain name!

"Can I create my own email addresses?"

Our hosting plans offer an easy-to-use control panel that allows you to edit, change, create, delete ... emails addresses!

"Who maintains my website?"

Certainly, we offer this service and take care of changes, problems etc.

As an alternative: as a local company we offer training so that you can operate independently.

 "I just need a host!"


Simply click on "Web Hosting" and select the plan that meets your needs!


"Nobody knows your business better than you do! This is exactly where we start to help you and use your resources to achieve the best possible outcome."

Stefan Landgraf

Stefan Landgraf

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